In the weeks prior to the parade WE hosted a series of free workshops at the UW Art Museum and IN OUR STUDIO AT The Laramie Plains Civic Center. WE invited the PUBLIC, individuals, and organizations, to come make a mask, costume and DECORATE their own bike for the parade.  

The OFFICIAL theme of JubiLee Days parade was “Unsung Heroes." WE decided to create a float and creative herd with the theme of “Mythical Wyoming Wildlife." Our mission was to give folks the opportunity to participate in their parade and to give voice and visual presence to the diverse and rich creative community in Laramie.

We'd like to thank our partner's in the project -  The University of Wyoming ART MUSEUM, LARAMIE MAIN STREET ALLIANCE, Transportation Alternatives, and the Laramie Maker's Club!



Photography provided by Megan Lee Photography