The Wyoming Art Party's mission is to celebrate Wyoming's creative community and we strive to make all of our projects and events inclusive. We believe that art is for everyone and everyone belongs.  We do not hesitate to use the platform we have created to celebrate, support, and fight for all people.  We insist our space be civil and safe for all.  We are fighting for all Wyomingites to come together - regardless of political views or parties. This isn't about political sides, it about human rights and integrity. The politics of this nation has pitted love and acceptance as a political issue instead of a human one. We here at Wyoming Art Party are working to remind people that love and acceptance is the backbone of any community. So whether you are a person of color, white, democrat, republican, independent, LGBQT, immigrant, of any religion or none - you are welcome here. Just bring your open heart and creative energy.  

In these trying times we believe in the power of art and creativity.  We are not political organizers.  We are engaged artists.  As our civic duty we open our studio and offer our time to partner with community groups to host creative work parties where people can make posters, post cards, love letters - anything that creatively communicates their positive message.